With the imminent roll-out of vaccines against Covid-19, it is with great hope that the sports and entertainment industries embark on the long-haul back to some form of normality.


“Normality” obviously doesn’t mean silent stadiums with few or no spectators.  It means passionate fans supporting their teams and the vibrant atmosphere of a stadium concert.  Clearly, there is no magic wand – but there ARE measures that can be put in place to make these scenarios health & safety compatible and financially viable.


terraPOD is designed to give Stadiums the ability to safely increase capacity, when making use of the stadium pitch, for Concerts and other large gathering events.


Manufactured in the UK from HDPE, terraPOD is really strong, easy to clean and sanitise. It is completely modular, which makes it easy to store and erect.


Each POD can accommodate up to 10 people per POD, keeping patron “bubbles” segregated with Social Distancing from other groups.


An important added benefit is that the modular panels offer an excellent channel for sponsorship opportunities!


terraPODs are designed to be assembled in groups of 6, which means that on a 128m x 77m pitch, 420 PODs could be installed, meaning a healthy income potential from up to 4,200 patrons.


Not only does terraPOD offer a fantastic solution to on the pitch food and beverages, it also allows Marshalls to have control of ingress and egress flows, with the wide walkways ensuring that patrons needing to visit toilets and other facilities, can do so without encroaching on another POD’s space.


This innovative and aesthetically pleasing assembly maximises stadium event attendance in a safe environment and allows a return to the incredible atmosphere of a “packed” stadium concert.


terraSAN is the new All-In-One temperature check and sanitising mist gateway.  Delivering fast clear results for swift ingress into venues at a rate of c. 700 people per hour per unit.


The simple to use, hands-free temperature reader provides a clear result via the red or green LED scale with 5 integrated sensors for contactless temperature readings in 0.6 seconds


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