Former Super Falcons star, Stella Mbachu, has expressed concern over the lack of corporate sponsorship for the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL).

At the ongoing NWFL Super-6 at the Samson Siasia Stadium in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Mbachu reminisced about the days when corporate sponsors actively supported the league.

Mbachu, now a coach with Heartland Queens of Owerri, emphasized that the absence of corporate backing has hindered the discovery of new talent in Nigerian women’s football.

Despite her concerns, Mbachu praised the organizers of the NWFL Super-6 for hosting a high-quality competition, noting the impressive play, officiating, and overall organization.

“It’s a great competition for women and the ladies. This is the highest level of competition for the female teams. It’s very good,” Mbachu said. “Every team here and every player are showcasing their talents. It’s going very well.”

She further elaborated on the league’s growth, saying, “The growth of female football in Nigeria is expanding. It’s growing, but what I’m not happy with is sponsorship. It is not going well. Compare before and now; you will see that we don’t have sponsorship any longer. Before, we had Pepsi, we had Indomie, and many others making everything go well. Talents were coming out every year, every second, but now, maybe due to lack of sponsorship, we cannot see a bunch of new players coming up. That’s where I don’t like the current state of the women’s league.”

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