Coronation Group Limited, a leading African financial services provider, is thrilled to announce its continued commitment to the sporting and cultural fabric of Nigeria as the title sponsor of the prestigious Silver Cup at the 2024 Lagos Polo Tournament.

The tournament, scheduled to take place at the historic Lagos Polo Club in Ikoyi, will run from February 13th to February 18th, 2024.

With a mission to deliver market-leading and world-class customer experiences, Coronation Group has a rich history of supporting the Lagos Polo Club, dating back to February 2017 when it initiated a ground-breaking partnership by sponsoring the exclusive Lagos Silver Cup at the Lagos International Polo Tournament.

Olamide Olajolo, the Managing Director and CEO of Coronation Insurance Plc, expressed the organization's enthusiasm for this enduring partnership. He stated, "At Coronation, we believe in fostering enduring legacies and contributing to the cultural and sporting vibrancy of our communities. Our continued sponsorship of the Lagos Polo Tournament aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and building lasting connections with our stakeholders."

The Lagos Polo Tournament organizers anticipate a significant turnout, with an average of 10,000 premium visitors monthly and an impressive 50,000 during larger tournaments. Additionally, thousands more are expected to join the excitement online, showcasing the widespread appeal of this iconic event.

Adeyemi M. Oreagba, the Tournament Manager of the 2024 Lagos Polo Tournament, expressed gratitude for Coronation Group's consistent support over the years. "Coronation Group Limited has been an invaluable partner, enhancing the prestige of the Lagos Polo Tournament with each passing year. Their commitment to the Silver Cup speaks volumes about their dedication to promoting excellence in sports and culture."

The 2024 edition marks Coronation Group's seventh consecutive year of sponsorship, underscoring the company's commitment to building a better financial future for Africa and contributing to the shared prosperity of the continent.

As part of the sponsorship, Coronation Group Limited will present the Silver Cup, a highlight of the tournament's final week. Spectators can expect a thrilling showcase of polo excellence, strategic precision, and a celebration of the rich tradition that defines this equestrian sport.

In conclusion, Olamide Olajolo reiterated Coronation Group's dedication to the partnership. "We are excited to once again join forces with the Lagos Polo Club in presenting the 2024 Lagos Polo Tournament. This sponsorship not only aligns with our values but also provides a platform for us to connect with our diverse stakeholders and contribute to the cultural and sporting tapestry of Nigeria."

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