YASA Dubai, a leading management company based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has extended its FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 all-inclusive travel packages to Nigeria through its partner The Guardian Group (www.Guardian.ng), owners of The Guardian Newspapers, Guardian TV, and GDN Studios.


As football fever grips the Middle East, YASA Dubai recently announced a first of its kind exclusive travel packages that would see football fans stay in Dubai and watch FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar.


The deal will provide football fans an enriching experience of warm Arab hospitality and the best of both Dubai and Doha, the Qatari capital.


With many football fans across the globe struggling to book hotel accommodations in Qatar and flight tickets for the month-long FIFA World Cup, which runs from 21 November 2022 to 18 December 2022, a nightmarish scenario has emerged as accommodation is limited in Doha and airfare to Qatar has shot up by over 1900 per cent, which is where YASA Dubai comes in with its all-inclusive packages for global football fans.


The bespoke travel package will offer customer’s exceptional value as it will include luxury hotel accommodation in Dubai, limousine transportation, as well as return private jet and chartered flights between Dubai and Doha for the most seamless FIFA World Cup travel experience.


Mr Sajid Barkat, founder and CEO, YASA Dubai, said: “Our packages are very simple, we will fly you from anywhere in the world in a private jet or charter flight to Dubai, stay in Dubai and watch football World Cup matches in Qatar.


“We are trying to reach football fans globally with our packages and so far, we have extremely overwhelming response. Collaboration with The Guardian Nigeria is part of our global program to promote YASA Dubai inclusive packages.”


Dubai is the closest city to Qatar with 56-minute flight time in-between the two scenic cities.


It is a perfect way to follow the World Cup as most of the tournament venues are in Doha. This means customers can travel from Dubai to Qatar right on time to watch their teams and return to Dubai by private chartered flight in less than one hour.


With the three packages available – Platinum, Gold and Silver – football lovers can depart Dubai in the morning, watch the game in Doha, and return to their base in Dubai at the end of the day. And what better way to relax at luxury hotels in Dubai which are offering some of the best experiences in the region.


The Platinum package is designed for a group of 13 people, and they will be flown from anywhere in the world with a private jet to Dubai and Doha. The package also includes accommodation in a 5-star hotel in Dubai, private limousine service in Dubai, as well as in Doha to and from match venues.


The Gold package covers 50 people, who will be flown from anywhere in the world to Dubai and Doha with a charter flight. The package also includes 5-star hotel accommodation in Dubai, private limousine service in Dubai and Doha to and from match venues.


The Silver package is designed for a group of 150 or 310 people in a charter flight that will fly them from anywhere in the world to Dubai and Doha, and also includes 5-star hotel accommodation in the Emirati capital, as well as private limousine service to match stadiums.


Speaking on the collaboration, Mr Toke Alex Ibru, Executive Director of The Guardian Group, said: “We are very excited for YASA Dubai packages as football is our favourite sport in Nigeria, and we can expect lot of fans will be availing themselves of the excellent YASA packages.


“Our fans will appreciate the convenience of all-inclusive packages so they can enjoy the football matches. As football matches are starting from 21st November, we want our customers to be proactive in confirming your preferred packages.”


He added: “If we do the mathematics, by combining the group package, customers will be paying much lesser amount compared to booking hotel and air fare separately with the hassle of unavailability. For most customers, Dubai is a natural holiday destination and now combining Dubai stay and watching football matches in Qatar will be excellent combination for customers.”