L-R: Chijoke Okeke, winner of the MTN football trivia, Adia Sowho, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Nigeria Communications Plc, Udeh Francis, winner of the MTN football trivia, Esther Akinnakuwe,  Chief Human Resources Officer MTN Nigeria Communications Plc, Odua Peter, winner of the MTN football trivia and Adekunle Adebiyi, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer MTN Nigeria Communications Plc at the MTN “Cameroon in Lagos Experience”.


Football is an exciting game, not just because of what happens on the pitch, but what happens off it. The passion of the fans, the excitement of the neutrals, and the atmosphere are all unmistakable features of African football. That passion has been widespread throughout the African Cup of Nations tournament in Cameroon.



The spectacle surrounding the competition was further amplified by MTN Nigeria, the official telecommunications partner of the Nigerian Football Federation, who took on the responsibility of rewarding the fans’ passion for football throughout the country. The telco giants partnered with 140 viewing centers nationwide to help spread cheer and excitement throughout AFCON 2022.




As part of the telco’s football-themed activities this year, a football trivia promo  saw winners emerging across the country. For over two days, the lucky winners from the MTN football trivia promo were treated to a memorable experience by the telco before an official presentation of  N1.5 million cash prize at the MTN fan park at Sidewalk Lounge, Victoria Island by the brand executives and the lively indigenous rapper, Reminisce, who gave a sharp analysis of the game.



One of the winners, Mr. Chijoke Okeke, a solar parts dealer from Anambra State expressed his joy at being among the winning team,  “The experience has been very good since I arrived yesterday morning. I have been with the MTN family since and I enjoyed every minute of it,” he said.



Mr. Udeh Francis, a boutique owner from Osun State was another big winner present at the show. He expressed his shock at the speed of events that led to him being significantly richer. “I just know I predicted one Nigeria game with *205, and after the game, I got a call. They asked me if I am Udeh Francis, and I said yes. I was scared, I did not want to give out my details, but they calmed me down. They told me that they will call with MTN’s official number 180. The number called me and told me they are from customer care. They told me that I am one of the AFCON winners, but my happiness did not fully start until I got here,” he said.



MTN Nigeria's unique fan engagement activities during the AFCON 2022 tournament is only a small part of the telco’s efforts to elevate the experiences of football fans in Nigeria. In 2021, the company entered a partnership deal with the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The deal involves supporting the football teams of all ages and gender. Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Adia Sowho reiterated that MTN’s passion for the people led them to excite the fans: "We created an enabling and exciting viewing experience for them, and in doing that, we partnered with 140 viewing centres across Nigeria to give fans a feel of being in Cameroon,” she stated.



“Our goal therefore was to brighten up and highlight AFCON by increasing its interest in Nigeria,," she concluded.