There are two goals in betting. The first one is to win and have fun. The second is to avoid losing. Low-risk strategies will help you with this.

In sports betting, everyone is interested in losing less. Therefore, betting with minimal risk is a logical choice. What strategies can reduce the risk for the player to a minimum, what are their advantages and disadvantages, is it worth it to bet: figured out for you in this article.


What are low-risk sporting bets?

Experienced players know that there are no win-win strategies in the game. Yes, there are sure bets and tricks, but this cannot be called a betting game. When you bet based on analysis, surprises are inevitable: favourites lose to outsiders, scoring teams dry up matches, experienced fighters suffer from youth teams.

But there is a clear difference between, for example, betting on a clear outcome in a match and betting on a favourite with a plus handicap. The probability of the second one’s higher. These are low-risk bets. The odds are very low, but the likelihood of losing is also low.

Such bets should be made according to the low-risk strategies.


What are the low-risk betting strategies?

A strategy is a set of rules that players follow when choosing a bet, its amount and the amount of the next bet. Let’s take a look at the basic low-risk sports betting strategies.


Live betting strategy based on statistics

This system requires continuous tracking of live events and a quick reaction of the player to the changes taking place in these matches. Experienced players use special software to see statistics for several matches in one place.

The emphasis in this strategy is on the fact that in real time the player of the bookmaker’s office can receive the most complete and up-to-date information about the players, teams and make the right decision.

Bets on this strategy are made based on the events that take place in the match. One team attacks a lot and shoots on target, so we take the individual total for a small odd, a minus head start on the leader, etc. Teams attack a lot from the very beginning of the match, but by the twentieth minute there are no goals, then we try a total over 0.5 or a total over 1 in the first half, depending on the odds.


Favourite betting strategy

The strategy is based on the confidence that the favourite will win. We have already said that even a 100% favourite can yield to a hopeless outsider. But, you see, this does not happen often. The strategy assumes that the player approaches the selection of matches carefully and bets on those teams and athletes on which the low odds are justified.

For the strategy to work, you need a high frequency of entering bets, since the odds are low. Even one loss will take a long time to win back.

The effectiveness of a favourite betting strategy depends entirely on the selection of bets. The choice of sporting events is huge. Even with a lengthy analysis of the line, expert opinions may not lead to any significant income. Spend a lot of time on the selection of matches.


Basketball betting strategy by quarters

The essence of the strategy is that an outsider rarely loses all quarters in a basketball game, even against a clear favourite, and the odds on him will be high. The leader achieves a certain handicap and tends to relax, can release a couple of young players to gain experience. Finally, bookmakers are more likely to underestimate outsiders than favourites.

To play this strategy, choose a match where there is not much difference between the teams. The player bets on a clear win for an outsider or a win with a handicap in the first quarter. If the bet works, the bettor proceeds to the next match, if not, he doubles the bet and bets on the next quarter. And this happens until the bet wins.


Should you bet on a low-risk system?

The strategies listed above do not at all guarantee earnings on bets. A strong reduction in risk always leads to a decrease in winnings. And the result is not necessarily beneficial.

Whichever betting strategy with the minimal risk you choose, you find undervalued bets. The most dangerous thing is to bet on overvalued favourites at understated odds. If the strategy does not allow you to win at a distance, do not hesitate to change it and try a new one.

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