Aston Villa assistant coach John Terry admits he wants to be Chelsea manager.


Terry has revealed his No1 aim is to manage Chelsea - who his current club Aston Villa face tomorrow in a Champions League decider.


The former England captain said: "My ambition is very clear. There's an end goal for me and that's managing Chelsea Football Club.


"My team will be winning — hopefully — very honest, very organised, very well drilled, very well prepared and with a back four.


“I look at Lamps [Frank Lampard] and Stevie [Gerrard] and the success they've both had. Lamps in his first season at Chelsea, and what Stevie's done up at Rangers is unbelievable.


"I probably wasn't ready to go into coaching then. I am now. But I'm not just going to jump into anything. I've turned down two jobs since I've been here.


“Decent-sized clubs. But it's going to take something special for me to leave here. I've got one more year left at Villa. I'm in a privileged position because I'm in no rush. I want to be a No 1 but I'll get there at some point."


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