HP, multinational information technology company, has launched its latest gaming hardware and software designed for gamers.


Its features include the powerful OMEN 16 and OMEN 17, bright and customisable OMEN 25i Gaming Monitor, and community gaming with OMEN OASIS Beta feature in OMEN Gaming Hub.


The company also debuted Victusby HP, its next-generation mainstream-level gaming PC portfolio, with a 16-inch laptop.


Gaming continues to be an outlet for entertainment and connecting with friends. Two out of three people are spending more time watching videos and gaming than they did prior to the pandemic, with one in four gaming three to four hours more and almost one in five gaming six to ten hours more a week.


HP’s gaming portfolio was designed for both veteran gamers and enthusiast explorers to be entertained, connected, and empowered to progress in their favourite games.


Director of Gaming and Esports, HP Inc, Judy Johnson, said: “Our constant focus with gaming is to create innovative technologies that progress the medium forward for everyone, be it enthusiast level OMEN users or newcomers to this growing and endlessly entertaining industry.


“We are offering a compelling entry point for anyone who wants to game with Victus by HP, high power and performance with new additions to our OMEN line-up, and OASIS, a new feature for OMEN Gaming Hub, to optimise gameplay streaming while bringing people together.”


Seasoned gamers crave the latest advancements in hardware and software that allow them to experience today’s titles at the max settings so they feel truly immersed when they get a last second multiplayer win or defeat that final boss.

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