The  management  of  Soloti  Gaming  Limited,  a  new  investor  in  Nigeria’s  fast-growing gaming industry has announced its entry into the gaming sector.

Soloti Gaming Limited recently obtained its operation licenses from the National Lottery Board  and  The  Lagos  State  Lottery  Board  and  is  poised  to  revolutionise  the  sports betting industry in Nigeria.

The Chairman of Soloti, Mr. Adebayo Tade expressed optimism at the consistent growth trend in the gaming industry in Africa and Nigeria.

According to Mr. Tade,  “We  have  over  the  last  two  years  been  conducting  extensive research on the gaming industry in Africa, notably West Africa, and we believe it is time to  revolutionise  and  reposition  the  gaming  industry  in  Nigeria,  offering  innovative  and more strategic outcomes beneficial to the over 70 million Punters in the Nigeria Gaming industry”.

Speaking  on  the  entry  of  Soloti  Gaming  Limited’s  foremost  product  FRAPAPA,  Mr. Derrick Bell, Chief Executive Officer stated, “We are thrilled to announce the entry of FRAPAPA;  a  unique  product  under  Soloti  Gaming  Limited  into  Nigeria’s  fast-rising gaming  industry.  Our entry into Nigeria supports our strategic business  decision  and global growth strategy aimed at adding value to the gaming industry through innovative offerings, human capital engagement and the value chain of wealth creation.”

Mr Bell, a Technology & Business expert has over the last ten years working as an ICT business consultant in the United Kingdom further stated that “Over the next few weeks, FRAPAPA will be unveiled for engagement and patronage with unique propositions that are  of  global  standards”.  The  FRAPAPA  brand  value  proposition  will  create  passion, wealth,  and  more  wins  for  Punters.  The  new  platform  will  address  the  challenges observed  during  consultations  with  Punters.  FRAPAPA  is  expected  to  provide  faster pay-outs,  great  odds,  a  user-friendly  platform,  and  most  significantly  an  attractive welcome bonus.

While commenting on the entry of FRAPAPA to the Nigerian market, Mr. Layi Olayinka, the Chief Operating Officer said, “I am super excited to be part of the highly innovative team of experts coming to the Nigerian gaming industry. Our vision is clear; we want to create a gaming framework that provides a superior betting platform with impactful, life- changing offerings and more.”

He further stated “Our team boasts of more than 40 years of combined experience in the UK Gaming and Technology sector, and we aim to use our vast array of experience to deliver a platform that offers a premium gaming experience while ensuring swift pay- outs,  withdrawals,  SMS  notifications  for  winnings,  odds  boost  and  a  data-friendly apps/website for a thrilling user experience. Collectively, our knowledge will be used to forge  a  highly  effective  and  intuitive  network  for  our  business,  providing  abundant resources  and  organizational  tenacity  that  will  result  in  the  successful  delivery  of  the ideal betting experience that Nigerian punters deserve and envision.”

Soloti Gaming Limited is committed to upholding its brand promise as both an enabler and  business  entity  providing  an  opportunity  to  empower  more  Nigerians  to  become financially independent both as Punters and Agents.

In fulfillment of its key goal in contributing positively towards youth employment and empowerment in Nigeria, Soloti Gaming Limited has indicated that they would be creating job opportunities both directly & indirectly for thousands of Nigerians over the next 3 years.

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